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BFO SOLUTIONS INCORPORATED headquartered in San Diego, California; offers six (6) primary services to the Mortgage Lending Industry.  All services are offered on a local, regional and national basis.  BFO SOLUTIONS’ philosophy and integrated approach ideally meet the real needs of clients using an outsourcing facility for efficiency and accountability.


BFO SOLUTIONS INCORPORATED offers tailored services to its individual clients.  Each service is offered on a “per project” basis or as a “whole package”.  The concept of offering these services to the mortgage lending industry is unique in the sense that they are offered on a “per loan or per doc basis”.  BFO Solutions offers the lender the opportunity of transferring a fixed cost into a variable cost.


BFO SOLUTIONS INCORPORATED endeavors to employ the philosophy of efficiency and productivity.  When BFO is mentioned, people should think of efficient productivity – a group who not only knows what needs to be done, but how to do it and to GET IT DONE!


BFO SOLUTIONS INCORPORATED offers tailored projects for each client.  The service concept involves each project representing a partnership between BFO and the Client.  As part of this service concept, the projects will take advantage of BFO’s “Efficient Productivity” philosophy.



  •  Owners have exceptional credentials and excellent reputations in the mortgage industry
  • BFO boasts solid experience in mortgage banking
  • BFO takes an integrated approach to the “back office” support structure of the mortgage lending operation
  • BFO focuses on personnel productivity and rapid project completion
  • BFO offers a win-win situation for lenders. Their fixed costs are transferred to variable costs in that BFO’s fees are based on a per loan/doc basis.  If a Lender has production, they have the fee, if there is no production, there is no cost.  BFO also has an incentive to complete the loan project as quickly as possible because the fees are not paid until completion
  • BFO is known by many of the major Investors and understands, as well as, appreciates the fiduciary responsibility BFO has to their Clients.



BFO SOLUTIONS INCORPORATED is committed to enhancing the efficiency, financial security and success of Mortgage Bankers.  Success requires careful planning and disciplined execution as well as an objective “Blinding Flash of the Obvious”.


Our clients confront the present and control their futures by recognizing the mortgage lending process is a continuum.  The services offered by BFO Solutions are based on realistic needs and goals of each individual mortgage lender.  We do not offer less than the best.


We will remain independent and respect the confidentiality of each of our clients.  Their success assures our success.  We operate with courage and integrity to tackle obstacles with our client’s well being our single focus.  We tell the truth.  We believe in the Mortgage Banking Industry and its commitment to home ownership and the secondary market investors.  We will grow to offer our services to more clients by continuing to attract, develop and retain highly qualified personnel.


By example, we will influence our industry to consider client benefits first, improve productivity, maintain profitability and increase effectiveness.



Theresa Ballard holds the position of Chief Executive Officer.  Her professional experience spans over 28 years in the mortgage banking industry, primarily in “operations and production functions”.  Prior to founding BFO Solutions, Theresa managed the Secondary Marketing Department of a local mortgage banking firm.  Theresa’s experience is diverse and has worked closely with State and Federal Auditing Agencies.  Theresa’s most recent focus has been on the development, implementation and sale of loan products for both Retail and Wholesale Mortgage Lending operations; as well as Bank owned loan portfolios.  Theresa is a graduate of Mary Washington College, and post-graduate work in Economics from Virginia Tech.   Theresa currently sits on the Board of Directors for the California Mortgage Brokers Association – San Diego Chapter and is Vice President for the Association of Professional Mortgage Women – San Diego Chapter. Theresa is a certified instructor for the American School of Mortgage Banking.  Courses taught include:


                                    FHA Direct Endorsement Mortgage Loan Underwriting

                                    Conventional Loan Underwriting

                                    Closing, Funding, Shipping and Insuring

                                    Loan Processing/Loan Officer Training (FHA, VA and Conventional)

                                    Tax Return Analysis

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